The Doggy Book


(Javi….. Just Chilln)                                 (Jenni Smiling)

A huge portion of my life consists of  spending time outside and playing with my animals.  I was once told that I have a “Furry Family” and my life couldn’t have been described any better!  I have had my cat (Buford) since 2005 and he is the oldest of his siblings 🙂  The next in line is Jenni who I rescued as a puppy from the local shelter.  She is a mix and I have been told many different things about her possible breed….  Jenni’s birthday is 5/2009 and is the middle child of the bunch!  The youngest of the group is Java and she is a pure breed miniature pincher.  Her birthday is 5/2011 and she has most definitely kept me busy with her stubborn personality!


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