Fishn my stress away

As the weather begins to get nice it is hard to imagine not having my fishing license.  This is because I find fishing to be one of my favorite things to do, in order, to release some stress.  Being that we live in Nevada there is a lot of places to fish that are very close to the city.  I often like to go out towards the Carson River and also enjoy going out towards Fernley.  Both of these spots have some very good holes and an often bring in some nice sized fish.

However, the fish out towards the Carson River should be released because of the high Mercury content in the water.  The areas out by the Carson River are known to be old mining spots and used to dump contaminants into the river many decades ago, before there were laws stopping this behavior by mine sites.  The good news about this area is that there are a variety fish in the Carson River and can often find such fish as Rainbow Trout, Small Mouth Bass and also Catfish. In fact, the last time my friend and I were out there; we caught all three of these fish in one spot!  I actually never knew there were Bass in the Carson and found this to be a nice surprise.

If you have any cool fishing spot around Nevada that you would like to share please do.  Or feel free to leave a response and follow me on my Twitter!

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