Stress from a test….my GMAT

As I have gone through my college career, I never thought that I would actually accomplish enough that I would one day be applying for graduate school.  Well that day is almost here and I still have to take my GMAT.  I had begun to study for my GMAT almost a year and a half ago but you know things happen.  So in the most recent turn of events over the last several months I am once again going to be scheduled to take the test again.

Although, this will be just as stressful because I must take this test right after graduation.  However, I am graduating and that makes it all worthwhile.  The test costs roughly $250 and I highly suggest studying for at least six months, before trying to take this test.  It also helps to buy the Kaplan course, which is designed to help the students prepare for this intense test.  Also, if you want to better your chances of success make sure to get a good night’s rest and attempt to eat a very healthy breakfast a few hours before you go.  I wouldn’t recommend cramming for this test as it is very hard and once again very stressful.

I feel that graduate school is going to be an important aspect of my life and will do whatever it takes to accomplish this next educational goal of mine.  I will continue to try and be stress free and do whatever it takes to relax.  If you are going to be taking a big test soon or have any comments please feel free to leave a response. Thanks

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