The dogs, cat and stress

As I look forward to the weekend and the many things I have planned, one thing seems to stay relevant; stress.  Regardless of the amount of classes a person is taking; stress can be normal for almost everybody.  E ach person handles their stress a little different and can range in severity depending on the person at hand.

Looking into this weekend I have many things I need to accomplish.  I have my daily tasks that I have to attend too, which included maintaining a household and taking care of my dogs.  Not to mention the cat that I also have, who has been in my life for over eight years.  Actually, if I take a hard look at it than it may appear that I maintain some kind of a zoo at my house.  However, this is my stress relief and really helps take the edge off the day by having three loving animals always waiting for me when I come home.

Regardless of the amount of stressful events that I have on my agenda this weekend, the one thing that stays positive is the activities that my animals and I are going to do this weekend.  I have plans to take my two dogs to the park and play fetch at the Sparks Marina. This is a very therapeutic tool for me and also I find it to be a lot of fun.  If you have any fun activities that help relieve the stress please leave a reply/comment.  Or follow me on Twitter at @LarryFrerkes.


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