My stress over possible war

Being the type of person I am, I like to try and take a minute to read the current events every day.  It seems that over the last several weeks people are beginning to get very cautious about the actions that are going on across the oceans.  Meaning the straining relationship between the United States and the North Korean’s stance on sanctions that are being upheld against the country.

I find it very nerve wrecking to sit in my house every single day and watch as the pressure mounts between the countries.  I have never been a proponent of war, but feel that the US is in a position of possibly being put into a stalemate that will require an inevitably strike against our foes.  The biggest tragedy of this whole event is that the possibility of war only means that if such huge actions are taken than thousands of possible innocent lives could be lost in the undertaking.  So far there has yet to be any sort of action taken by our military that has been considered a direct strike.  However, the  United States has moved war ships into the surrounding waters and is now in a better position to defend our nation if the need arises.  This does make me feel a little bit better about the situation but am still very worries about the whole event.

I have been trying to practice the stress relief techniques that I have been blogging about, but am beginning to feel only the removal of the foes will make me feel more at ease.  If you have any comment or would like to respond please leave a rebuttal.

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