Sports and Stress Remedies

Being that I live in Nevada I find it a must, that I go out to the sports betting parlors and place wagers on cards that I feel I have a chance at getting some good odds.  However, the problem is that I don’t ever seem to do real well and end up blowing my money on things that I could have spent much more wisely.  The thing of it is….this is my personal fun that I partake in every once in a while and, also, I seem to find it very therapeutic and a type of stress relief.

Mitch McGary #4 of the Michigan Wolverines fights for the ball in the second half against Rakeem Christmas #25 of the Syracuse Orange during the 2013 NCAA Men's Final Four. (Getty Images/Streeter Lecka)If there was anyone out there that was not paying attention this week….there were some big basketball games on television and kept my weekend very entertained.  I had already foregone my chance at having a successful bracket and thought I would give it go at this week’s games as well.  I had truly felt that the Shocker’s had a chance at beating Louisville and then had also picked Michigan to beat Syracuse.  I ended up picking one of the two that I had wanted to end up in the championship game.  Although both of the games were very good games and had their moments of excitement and frustration.  The moral of the story this weekend was to enjoy the games and attempt to relax and have a stress-free weekend.

Sometimes not all forms of stress relief is the most common way and sometimes need to add some flare to unwinding.  I find sports betting to be a fun way to relax and unwind some of my stress.  If you enjoyed the games or have anything to say please feel free to leave a comment!

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