Java and My Handle on Stress

So Friday started off as every other day, but I was soon to figure out… that it would be a day that I was glad that I’d been blogging about stress management skills.  I began the day by going to a school function that I knew would be stressful, but nothing that I couldn’t handle.  However, as I sat in my chair, during this meeting I had this nagging dilemma and it was my littlest dog back at home.  See before I had left for this meeting she had swallowed a big piece of raw-hide that my dogs get all the time.  But being the impatient dog that she is, she swallowed a piece that was the size of a half dollar.


I knew the gravity of the situation, so I had my Mom stay at my house to ensure she would be ok until I got home.  As soon as I had arrived back home I looked at my dog Java and could see in her eyes she was very ill.  The piece had bone had gone deeper and was now almost fully blocking her air way.  I had to put my finger down her throat several times to clear the air path for her to breath, while I rushed her to the Vet.  The local veterinarian on Baring Blvd in Sparks took her right in and stabilized her with medical treatment.  I almost lost one of my dogs over the weekend and am very grateful for the professional and great work that the vet showed my dog Java.

Java is now back home and resting well.  If I had not practiced some of the stress relief techniques I had learned over the last several weeks than this experience could have been far worse on my health and decision making at the moment.  If you have any stressful situations you experienced over the weekend or something to comment please feel free to leave a response.  Thanks for your time reading my story and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!


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