Stress from a test and with a pointer or two….

As I go through the years it never seems to fail me that I ALWAYS have a huge amount of stress leading up to an exam.  I have heard many things during my lifetime about how to remain calm during the moments before a test, but it never works.  Especially like the last two hours before the exam, actually takes place.  I get sweaty hands, grind my teeth and simply can’t seem to sit still.  In fact, the funny thing about it is that if I study in public, than I need to find a hiding place because I often look a guy who has been pumped full of some form of drug or  “amphetamine” .

The feeling of stress is a universal, at least I think it should be, attribute amongst a majority of students while attending college.  There can be many different forms of relief that can assist with the lessening of stress such as yoga, walking or simply working out.  Anything that helps the person forget about their current issues and problematic situations can help reduce the sensation of stress amongst the individual.

Some of the most helpful things that I do to relieve stress is very slowly taking deep breaths and then letting then out through your nostrils.  Also, I like to lie down and stretch my toes and slowly begin to stretch the rest of my body; until all of my extremities are pointed outwards and extended.  This seems to really help relieve the tension within the muscles.  Although, if you want to avoid all of that and get straight to the point; than you can go  find the attraction of another and engage in some good ol’ fashion wrestling, only after engaging in a game of “optional clothing poker”.

If you find anything about my blog this week to be interesting or have ideas of your own please let me know.  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and enjoy your stress free day!

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