Adversity or Success- The Pistorius Case

I have spent the last few blogs attempting to get a good grip on my site, but have yet to produce some solid material.  I have been wandering around with the idea of adversity and how it seemed to play into my life.  Additionally, I have also toyed with the opposite of adversity, which is inherently success.  Both of these terms seem to go hand-in-hand and contribute to some form of personal accounts in each of our lives.

The term adversity can be defined in many different ways, but ultimately I find the best definition to come from an academic journal titled “Adversity, Stress, and Psychopathology”.  The journal describes the term as “a state of grave or persistent misfortune”.  Whereas, its counterpart success can easily be described as any situation that exceeds a person’s goals or expectations.   I find that these terms seem to directly coincide in everyday activities and it is hard to appreciate one without the other.  For in my own life I would not know the feeling of great success, if I had not experienced some form of failure that allowed me to appreciate such a great sensation.  However, often in life these two events can be flip-flopped with one another very quickly and, inevitably, altering a person’s life in one extreme or the other.

This is exactly what has occurred in recent events in the life of a known Olympian, Oscar Pistorius.  He had worked his entire life to become an athlete and to make his country proud by representing them in the Olympics.  However, he has had some major events take place that has jeopardized not only his future career, but ultimately his life.  He has been accused of being involved in the death of his girlfriend and is now at risk of losing it all.  It just goes to show how quickly one’s success; can turn to one’s own adversity.

I am trying really hard to get a feel for this blogging trend and would grealt appreciate any feedback.  Also, if you have any other stories of adversity or success please feel free to shar them with me! Thanks for your time in reading my blog! For without ADVERSITY, there shall be, NO SUCCESS!


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