My Story’s Continuation

As I have stated through many of the other blogs…my life hasn’t always been the most tranquil.  This isn’t some lame excuse for not achieving my goals or rather an attempt to justify my failures along the way.  No it is simply a statement and it is as simple as that.  I have gone through many events in my life that have made everyday living very difficult at times and sometimes felt as if the “sun would never set.”  It was during these moments, I believe, that the true character of a person is built and fundamental beliefs that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

So at the beginning of my blog I began to talk about my very early life and then quickly came to a conclusion of me being able to walk across the stage at the University of Nevada Reno.  Conversely, the lessons, morals and work ethics I had to achieve this goal were deeply rooted in the transpiring of climatic events throughout the duration of my life.  I had acquired certain habits along the way that were detrimental to my success and would inevitably seize control of me without ever discerning the transformation taking place at the time.  I was blinded and without direction.

It is here at this moment that the idea of my blog was born and I decided to go with the title of “Adversity and Success.”  These two simple words are so simplistic, but yet, hold an innate ferocity that each of us as humans holds deep within our hearts.  People often have the tendency to say “that impossible or that’s too hard” or some other excuse on why they CAN’T accomplish their dreams and aspirations.  I am here to say…..YOU CAN!  I have experienced and overcome many impediments along the way and conquered multiple addictions that attempt to weaken an individual’s determination! 

Over the next few blogs I will continue to build on the origins of my title and the “meat” behind my beliefs and how that fits into my story!  Please feel free to comment and would appreciate any feedback.  Stay tuned for there is far more to come! For without ADVERSITY, there shall be, NO SUCCESS


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