Starting the foundation of my blog….be nice please

I realized at a very young age that I would create obstacles for myself; if I didn’t learn to not be so stubborn.  It took me over twenty-five years, before I would learn this lesson and begin to slowly address the areas of my life, which were not so productive. Some of my personal habits would have eventually caused me to have severe health complications and I never considered their impact at the time.  A lot of what I did during this time of my life was in response to reacting “against the grain”, while maintaining a very delicate balance of successful occupational employment; that would span nearly a decade.

I spent the majority of my life working for the same parent company and learned many valuable lessons along the way.  The company gave me many opportunities that other companies would have not given, a young candidate such as me, at the time and helped ingrain strong work ethics and business practices.  However, there were also other aspects of my life that had very adverse of effects and controlled many other portions of my life.  It was this array of up’s and down’s in my life that gives me a unique outlook on life and feel some of the stories I share are worth at least that…sharing.

These portions of my life, which I am so uniquely transparent with…. are going to assist me in creating a space that is hopefully interesting to read and exciting enough to keep you coming back.   In the next blog I will begin talking about the meaning of my blog’s title and the personal content I plan to enrich the blog with each time I post.  If I fail in this aspect please let me know early in the blog, rather, than letting me carry on for a month, before being kind enough to do so.


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