My Opening-Kinda…

When I graduated high school at the age of 17 I had no idea on what it was I was going to do in my near future…I had been awarded a substantial scholarship to the local university and felt this was a good idea.  This didn’t last long as I soon became immersed in my job and felt that this was something I would enjoy more than studying at the time.  I spent over a decade with the same company and moved a few times in different places throughout the country.  I have gone through many ups and downs over the years and feel as if I have a lot of valuable and invaluable experience that I can share with others.    I can’t tell you if the information I provide is relevant or not but feel this is an interesting spectrum of the social media craze and wanted to say that I did that too.

So…A few years ago I decided that I was going to try something new and take a few classes.  I started out taking only but two classes and began to slowly work my way up from there…. Since then I have recently completed my application for my undergraduate degree and am getting ready to walk with my fellow classmates in May.  It is crazy to think about how fast time flies, which makes this whole experience even more interesting.   Over the next few months I will be sharing different experiences I encounter while attending my final semester for my undergraduate degree.  I am curious to see how this develops and the growth I may experience.


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