A new beginning to my blog….learning to manage

So I can’t even count how many of these blogs I have now written and I still have no clue …what I am doing!  I have asked for help and also, I have talked to others that seem to have this whole thing down.  As I go, the one theme seems to be; writing about something you are passionate about.  The problem is…I don’t really have a true passion in my life, other than my dogs.  My dogs are my life, but that is far from different when you have to write about something that holds a seemly substantial meaning to you or fundamental value?  I don’t know…I kind of have all and in between; too often than not, I let others know of these passions and values.

I started with the idea of writing about success and adversity.  Maybe this is because these things seem to fit, so well, into my overall life.  Well, I have tried that for a few weeks now and that isn’t working out.. at all.  I seem to be creating content that is worse, that it was the time before.  Then it hit me, or maybe I hit myself.  Either or, I think I might have figured it out.  Throughout the duration of my short time on this planet, I seem to always find myself in some predicament, that I didn’t need to be in.  It was always self-induced and unfortunately, usually deserved.  I seemed to always have to voice my opinion or let others know how I felt.  Well..that didn’t always end so well.  This time, it happened again.  I seemed to put my foot right in my mouth again.

I have continued to pride myself through my life for being a stand-up guy that had a back bone of steel and would give it all; for the need of another.  However, I seem to always go about it wrong.  The common denominator seems to be learning how to breathe and just …RELAX.  I can’t say whether any of my blogs will ever be good or ever contain content, but I think I can finally begin to find the things I am passionate about.  I have always lacked creativity and am now even more aware of that than I was before.  However, through the last few weeks I have attempted to write about an area of my life I was uncomfortable about and failed miserably.  So…I think rather than write about the adversity and success of life and mine…I would rather develop the skills necessary to get you through those areas and learn to relax.  Hopefully, I can begin to discuss the things that cause people to lose their cool and some of the many things available that can help a person learn how to tame their intentions.  Thus, allowing the true sincerity of their intentions to show and the respect to be earned along the way….


Adversity or Success- The Pistorius Case

I have spent the last few blogs attempting to get a good grip on my site, but have yet to produce some solid material.  I have been wandering around with the idea of adversity and how it seemed to play into my life.  Additionally, I have also toyed with the opposite of adversity, which is inherently success.  Both of these terms seem to go hand-in-hand and contribute to some form of personal accounts in each of our lives.

The term adversity can be defined in many different ways, but ultimately I find the best definition to come from an academic journal titled “Adversity, Stress, and Psychopathology”.  The journal describes the term as “a state of grave or persistent misfortune”.  Whereas, its counterpart success can easily be described as any situation that exceeds a person’s goals or expectations.   I find that these terms seem to directly coincide in everyday activities and it is hard to appreciate one without the other.  For in my own life I would not know the feeling of great success, if I had not experienced some form of failure that allowed me to appreciate such a great sensation.  However, often in life these two events can be flip-flopped with one another very quickly and, inevitably, altering a person’s life in one extreme or the other.

This is exactly what has occurred in recent events in the life of a known Olympian, Oscar Pistorius.  He had worked his entire life to become an athlete and to make his country proud by representing them in the Olympics.  However, he has had some major events take place that has jeopardized not only his future career, but ultimately his life.  He has been accused of being involved in the death of his girlfriend and is now at risk of losing it all.  It just goes to show how quickly one’s success; can turn to one’s own adversity.

I am trying really hard to get a feel for this blogging trend and would grealt appreciate any feedback.  Also, if you have any other stories of adversity or success please feel free to shar them with me! Thanks for your time in reading my blog! For without ADVERSITY, there shall be, NO SUCCESS!

My Story’s Continuation

As I have stated through many of the other blogs…my life hasn’t always been the most tranquil.  This isn’t some lame excuse for not achieving my goals or rather an attempt to justify my failures along the way.  No it is simply a statement and it is as simple as that.  I have gone through many events in my life that have made everyday living very difficult at times and sometimes felt as if the “sun would never set.”  It was during these moments, I believe, that the true character of a person is built and fundamental beliefs that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

So at the beginning of my blog I began to talk about my very early life and then quickly came to a conclusion of me being able to walk across the stage at the University of Nevada Reno.  Conversely, the lessons, morals and work ethics I had to achieve this goal were deeply rooted in the transpiring of climatic events throughout the duration of my life.  I had acquired certain habits along the way that were detrimental to my success and would inevitably seize control of me without ever discerning the transformation taking place at the time.  I was blinded and without direction.

It is here at this moment that the idea of my blog was born and I decided to go with the title of “Adversity and Success.”  These two simple words are so simplistic, but yet, hold an innate ferocity that each of us as humans holds deep within our hearts.  People often have the tendency to say “that impossible or that’s too hard” or some other excuse on why they CAN’T accomplish their dreams and aspirations.  I am here to say…..YOU CAN!  I have experienced and overcome many impediments along the way and conquered multiple addictions that attempt to weaken an individual’s determination! 

Over the next few blogs I will continue to build on the origins of my title and the “meat” behind my beliefs and how that fits into my story!  Please feel free to comment and would appreciate any feedback.  Stay tuned for there is far more to come! For without ADVERSITY, there shall be, NO SUCCESS

Starting the foundation of my blog….be nice please

I realized at a very young age that I would create obstacles for myself; if I didn’t learn to not be so stubborn.  It took me over twenty-five years, before I would learn this lesson and begin to slowly address the areas of my life, which were not so productive. Some of my personal habits would have eventually caused me to have severe health complications and I never considered their impact at the time.  A lot of what I did during this time of my life was in response to reacting “against the grain”, while maintaining a very delicate balance of successful occupational employment; that would span nearly a decade.

I spent the majority of my life working for the same parent company and learned many valuable lessons along the way.  The company gave me many opportunities that other companies would have not given, a young candidate such as me, at the time and helped ingrain strong work ethics and business practices.  However, there were also other aspects of my life that had very adverse of effects and controlled many other portions of my life.  It was this array of up’s and down’s in my life that gives me a unique outlook on life and feel some of the stories I share are worth at least that…sharing.

These portions of my life, which I am so uniquely transparent with…. are going to assist me in creating a space that is hopefully interesting to read and exciting enough to keep you coming back.   In the next blog I will begin talking about the meaning of my blog’s title and the personal content I plan to enrich the blog with each time I post.  If I fail in this aspect please let me know early in the blog, rather, than letting me carry on for a month, before being kind enough to do so.

My Opening-Kinda…

When I graduated high school at the age of 17 I had no idea on what it was I was going to do in my near future…I had been awarded a substantial scholarship to the local university and felt this was a good idea.  This didn’t last long as I soon became immersed in my job and felt that this was something I would enjoy more than studying at the time.  I spent over a decade with the same company and moved a few times in different places throughout the country.  I have gone through many ups and downs over the years and feel as if I have a lot of valuable and invaluable experience that I can share with others.    I can’t tell you if the information I provide is relevant or not but feel this is an interesting spectrum of the social media craze and wanted to say that I did that too.

So…A few years ago I decided that I was going to try something new and take a few classes.  I started out taking only but two classes and began to slowly work my way up from there…. Since then I have recently completed my application for my undergraduate degree and am getting ready to walk with my fellow classmates in May.  It is crazy to think about how fast time flies, which makes this whole experience even more interesting.   Over the next few months I will be sharing different experiences I encounter while attending my final semester for my undergraduate degree.  I am curious to see how this develops and the growth I may experience.